Interwood Forest Products – Shelbyville Kentucky


Interwood is proud to present a new highly decorative product “oyster shell faces” handmade from veneers sliced from the end grain of selected logs. These logs were made into rounds and ovals in order to create pleasing patterns.

Half Moon Gum VeneerHalf Oval Walnut VeneerHearted Beech VeneerOval Gum VeneerOval Smoked LarchOval Olive VeneerOval Oak VeneerOak Square VeneerHalf Oval Smoked LarchHalf Moon Smoked Larch VeneerHalf Moon Hearted Beech VeneerCrosscut Smoked Pear VeneerCrosscut Pear VeneerCrosscut Hearted Pear Veneer

Each sheet is cut to a standard size of 49” wide x 102” long and calculated to have 35 square feet with a thickness of 1/37th” +/-. Colors, grains and patterns can vary slightly from log to log but when ordering multiple sheets at one given time then these characteristics will be consistent. Since these sheets are individually hand crafted they are not 100% sequenced. The sheets are fleece backed to provide stability. Small heart cracks are “in the nature of the beast” and should be looked at as an enhancement.