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January 21st, 2016
Brooke Roberson

Birdseye Zebrawood

After working 41 years in the high-end exotic wood industry, Interwood has pretty much seen it all. We have seen remarkable trees in all colors, grains and figure types and on very rare occasions we find things which we never expected to exist. In this case, we are proud to share with you a one of a kind freak of nature, BIRDSEYE ZEBRAWOOD. A combination of color, grain, and figure type make this log a distinctive, unique, and unparalleled Gem of the Forest.


Brooke Roberson | Architectural Rep
Dan Geary | Sales Manager
Judy Ison | Veneer Sales
Dave Kiley | Lumber Sales
Rick Banas | Vice President

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August 24th, 2015

Golden Teak

This Teak log is 118 to 158 inches in length with 5,151 square feet. Light in color, blond, with straight grain, log number: DFS74996.

Teak is one of the oldest commercial lumbers in the world. In the veneer trade a difference is made between Blond Teak and Contrasty Teak. The wood has a slightly oily surface. This teak log is Blond, light in color, with straight grain.

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August 21, 2015

This log is x square feet and x to x in length. FSC Certified. Log Number: DFZ74998

This log is 11,681 square feet and 102 to 116 in length. FSC Certified. Log Number: DFZ74998

Eucalyptus originates from Australia but is grown successfully in every continent except Antarctica. Figured Eucalyptus is popular around the world in architectural woodwork, exclusive furniture, and ship interiors. The wood can be a range of colors from cream, to pink, green, red, yellow, and brown, as well as a range of figure types from mottled, bee’s wing, fiddleback, to pommele.

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August 13, 2015

Red Gum veneer on a pallet

This log is 22,283 square feet, 100 to 154 inches in length with super wide widths in perfect sequence. Other characteristics are contrasty with ears. Log Number: DFO75004

Red Gum, also called Satin Walnut, often has a silky sheen. It’s heartwood when book matched along its sap wood can create an extremely decorative result and is therefor widely valued when veneered. This combined with its alternating red and brown heartwood makes it particularly desirable in architectural woodwork.

FSC Controlled Red Gum veneer on a pallet.

This log is 3,474 square feet and 124 to 126 inches in length with contrast and ears. FSC Controlled. Log Number: DFP75001


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July 29, 2015
Rick Banas

A large, one of a kind, Sapeli log.

Having been in the veneer industry for over 41 years, I have never seen any one tree produce the quality, color, consistency, and size of veneer which this Sapeli tree has produced. It is truly a marvel in its own right.

The tree yielded 1,253 bundles of veneer totaling 436,896 square feet, which averages 349 square feet per bundle. The average width is over 12 inches with the widest being 24 inches. 75% of the veneers produced from this tree are over 12 feet long.

A tree of this magnitude demands a special architectural project. This gem of the forest is 100% FSC Pure.

This log can be found in our inventory: Sapeli, Quartered, Log number: DFC74896

Image combo of Sapeli veneer bundles.
















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