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June 6th, 2016
Brooke Roberson

Paldao is a vibrant, contrasty, visually interesting wood veneer. It originates from the tropical rain forests of South East Asia and grows on various Pacific Rim islands. The tree itself can reach heights of up to 40 meters and is supported by massive buttressing root structures. It’s grey-brown color and distinctive black stripes make it a popular choice in modern interiors.

Paldao wood veneer with Interwood logo

wood finished Paldao veneer



















Interwood has procured an impressive range of Paldao logs in size, length, color, and type variations. This range of style and aesthetic means we’re more likely to have the right size log for your project budget and the right look for your client. If you think it’s too good to be true just take a look through our online inventory for Paldao.


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May 5th, 2016
Brooke Roberson

Ice Birch is a lively veneer specie originating from Finland and Russia. It’s a small but strong tree which shifts during growth, causing characteristic “islands” to form in the grain. NEW to out inventory is this FIGURED Ice Birch featuring wide widths and great structure. Call in for samples!

Ice Birch with a light color and heavy figure

Ice Birch

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January 21st, 2016
Brooke Roberson

Birdseye Zebrawood

After working 41 years in the high-end exotic wood industry, Interwood has pretty much seen it all. We have seen remarkable trees in all colors, grains and figure types and on very rare occasions we find things which we never expected to exist. In this case, we are proud to share with you a one of a kind freak of nature, BIRDSEYE ZEBRAWOOD. A combination of color, grain, and figure type make this log a distinctive, unique, and unparalleled Gem of the Forest.


Brooke Roberson | Architectural Rep
Dan Geary | Sales Manager
Judy Ison | Veneer Sales
Dave Kiley | Lumber Sales
Rick Banas | Vice President

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July 29, 2015
Rick Banas

A large, one of a kind, Sapeli log.

Having been in the veneer industry for over 41 years, I have never seen any one tree produce the quality, color, consistency, and size of veneer which this Sapeli tree has produced. It is truly a marvel in its own right.

The tree yielded 1,253 bundles of veneer totaling 436,896 square feet, which averages 349 square feet per bundle. The average width is over 12 inches with the widest being 24 inches. 75% of the veneers produced from this tree are over 12 feet long.

A tree of this magnitude demands a special architectural project. This gem of the forest is 100% FSC Pure.

This log can be found in our inventory: Sapeli, Quartered, Log number: DFC74896

Image combo of Sapeli veneer bundles.
















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