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September 15th, 2016
Brooke Roberson

Workers lift the top slab off from a tree which has been sliced into 7, 4 inch "raw edge" slabs.

Our Great European Mappa slabs are large, sturdy, and reflect all the beauty of nature. We kept a finished slab in our showroom as an example of our lumber inventory. As this tree was being sliced, a Russian coin was discovered. It had been used as target practice… and the bullet was still inside!

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Panel walls featuring Interwood quartered White Oak are currently being featured in a Verizon Wireless data commercial. 1155 Avenue of the Americas, completed in fall 2016, was used as a site location in the NYC focused commercial showing a typical New Yorker on the go, using his data. The main lobby and elevator corridors are a single Quartered White Oak log of consistent color and straight grain, specified by Studios Architecture. The log was purchased in the fall of 2015, lay up was done in winter of 2016, and 1155 was open to filming last fall.

1155 Ave of the Americas main lobby with back lit reception desks in blue.

At night the reception desks are illuminated.


1155 Elevator corridor with Interwood White Oak log laid up on panels.

Straight grain quartered White Oak panels.

Lay up by: Custom Plywood, IN

Woodwork by: Corporate Woodworking, NJ

Architect: Studios Architecture, NYC

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October 27th, 2015
Brooke Roberson

Fuming is the process of exposing wood to ammonia vapors that darken the wood and emphasize grain patterns. Like other styles in woodworking, fuming has gone in and out of style but for now it is once again in high-demand.

The process takes place in a multi-chamber closed system under continuous control that utilizes environmentally-friendly vacuum technology. The wood is placed into a chamber where it is exposed to ammonia gas for two weeks. After this treatment has taken place, the residual ammonia is pumped into another chamber where it is neutralized. The entire process takes about 3-4 weeks to complete and results in a dark coloring going all the way through the wood.

Fuming can be successfully performed on any wood containing tannin. The concentration of color being dependent upon the amount of tannin within the specie. This is one reason why from specie to specie the absorption and resultant darkening is so different. Thanks to differing levels of tannin the color from fuming can vary from honey-brown to rich chocolate to almost black. Other effects of fuming are increased smoothness and flexibility of the veneer.

The most common specie that’s fumed is White Oak but Interwood offers over a dozen fumed species.


Comparison of fumed Larch vs natural Larch

Natural Larch vs Fumed Larch (plain, quartered)



Natural Eucalyptus vs Fumed Eucalyptus (quartered, heavy Bee’s Wing figure)



Natural Red Gum vs Fumed Red Gum (plain, quartered)



Natural Sapeli vs Fumed Sapeli (Ribbon Stripe figure)


Fumed veneer inventory:




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Ziricote. FLatcut. Minimal sap, lots of charater.  Call today.

Flatcut Ziricote wood veneer with minimal sap and strong grain pattern.

See current available inventory here:  Ziricote Inventory

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