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Red Gum Wood Veneer

August 13, 2015

Red Gum veneer on a pallet

This log is 22,283 square feet, 100 to 154 inches in length with super wide widths in perfect sequence. Other characteristics are contrasty with ears. Log Number: DFO75004

Red Gum, also called Satin Walnut, often has a silky sheen. It’s heartwood when book matched along its sap wood can create an extremely decorative result and is therefor widely valued when veneered. This combined with its alternating red and brown heartwood makes it particularly desirable in architectural woodwork.

FSC Controlled Red Gum veneer on a pallet.

This log is 3,474 square feet and 124 to 126 inches in length with contrast and ears. FSC Controlled. Log Number: DFP75001


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