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Thank you everyone who came out to the AWI Chapter meeting in our design studio! Scott Markwood of Hafele presented an outstanding program on SEO, Marketing, and Social Media and afterwards we went out to the SkillsUSA competition at Freedom Hall in Louisville. Kids who compete there are among the most talented in the nation at their craft. Watching the future grow is one of the most exciting things in life…

The Design Studio with AWI members in attendance and the screen showing the Fritz Kohl logo.

Jannis Kohl speaking from the Interwood Showroom about the Burj Dubai Rosewood project sourced by Fritz Kohl.


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Interwood is proud to be part of the largest architectural undertaking in US history. We’re supplying a figured Anegre log for the lobby at 30 Hudson Yards. At completion this building will be home to the highest observation deck in New York City, making our Anegre log visible to millions of visitors in the years to come.

more to come…

The whole Interwood team standing behind the pallet of Anegre veneer going into the 30 Hudson Yards building.

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A new Gem is here. 115,904 square feet of contrasty Black Limba quarters with lengths of 11’ and widths of 12”+. Black Limba has long been a well known and well loved species to designers. Luckily, it’s resisted becoming a trend and has remained a popular choice in exotic woods over the years. The size and dimensions of this log alone make it perfect for an architectural project but it’s the consistant, striking grain which makes it a real star.

Black Limba, log # DMS75759


Finished Black Limba, book matched, 12+ inch widths, 10' length.

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a badge or symbol of completion of the IWPA Wood Trade Compliance course at High Point

We’re proud to announce we’ve completed new training from the International Wood Products Association!

This badge shows we’ve completed the Wood Trade Compliance Training and Due Diligence Tools course in High Point. This includes a comprehensive analysis of the requirements of the Lacey Act and other laws relevant to trade in wood products. This course was developed in partnership with the World Resources Institute and supported by the US Agency for International Development.

Interwood has been a member of the IWPA for many years. We’ve been featured in the quarterly magizine twice highlighting our involvment in the Burj Duabi as well as our sourcing to a fleet of private aircraft.

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September 15th, 2016
Brooke Roberson

Workers lift the top slab off from a tree which has been sliced into 7, 4 inch "raw edge" slabs.

Our Great European Mappa slabs are large, sturdy, and reflect all the beauty of nature. We kept a finished slab in our showroom as an example of our lumber inventory. As this tree was being sliced, a Russian coin was discovered. It had been used as target practice… and the bullet was still inside!

Continue reading Gem of the Forest: “Comrade in Slabs”

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Panel walls featuring Interwood quartered White Oak are currently being featured in a Verizon Wireless data commercial. 1155 Avenue of the Americas, completed in fall 2016, was used as a site location in the NYC focused commercial showing a typical New Yorker on the go, using his data. The main lobby and elevator corridors are a single Quartered White Oak log of consistent color and straight grain, specified by Studios Architecture. The log was purchased in the fall of 2015, lay up was done in winter of 2016, and 1155 was open to filming last fall.

1155 Ave of the Americas main lobby with back lit reception desks in blue.

At night the reception desks are illuminated.


1155 Elevator corridor with Interwood White Oak log laid up on panels.

Straight grain quartered White Oak panels.

Lay up by: Custom Plywood, IN

Woodwork by: Corporate Woodworking, NJ

Architect: Studios Architecture, NYC

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We’ve recently updated the look of our newsletter, Veneer Visions. Check out our October issue and past newsletters here: Press and Newsletters

From the Interwood team, Thank you.

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Ziricote. FLatcut. Minimal sap, lots of charater.  Call today.

Flatcut Ziricote wood veneer with minimal sap and strong grain pattern.

See current available inventory here:  Ziricote Inventory

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A gigantic Lebonese Cedar tree gorwn up in Windsor Park, England.

Under normal circumstances, royal property belonging to the crown of England is considered sacrosanct and most definitely not for sale.

A Lebanese Cedar from Windsor Park however, has become the big exception to this rule, sold to Fritz Kohl since it had died 2 years ago and needed to be felled. It was planted in 1760 by the Duke of Cumberland, the third youngest son of King George II, who was nominated to be “Ranger of the Park” by the king and who turned the park into today’s structure.

Fritz Kohl shares english tea with members of Windsor Park management at the Veneer Mill.

The tree was 6 feet in diameter and well over 26 feet long with the first 26 feet being pure veneer quality. During the veneer production of the tree, German television, radio and press were present to broadcast this “royal” event!

The produced quality of the Lebanese Cedar exceeded every expectation and resulted in a total of 130,404 sqft of the finest quality imaginable. Perfectly suited for a high-class project whose owner gets a unique product nobody else in the world will ever own.

Bundles of sequences forming individually flitches laying in the Fritz Kohl showroom.


German Article:

English Translation:

From the gardens of the Queen of England to the woods of Lower Franconia…

1: Over 26 feet tall and a diameter of almost 6 feet, Fritz Kohl Veneer Mill bought the Lebanese Cedar tree from English Windsor Great Park.

2. The Lebanon-Cedar belongs to the oldest tree species. They can be over 1,000 years old.

3. The tree delivers roughly 16 cubic meters of wood and will be processed into veneer in Karlstadt in Lower Franconia.

4. Before this extraordinary tree is brought to Karlstadt, it will be flitched in Westphalia, Germany. With a length of 26 feet, the cedar is just too big for the factory in Karlstadt.

5. A large portion of the veneer will probably go back to England. The reason for this being national pride: Veneer made from wood from the royal parks is very special to the British.

6. Most of the Lebanese Cedar that is on the market today comes from England or France. In Lebanon, where it originally comes from, there are barely any in existence.

7. Fritz Kohl has been waiting months for the Lebanese Cedar, says the factory manager Fred Kohl. The tree will arrive shortly in Lower Franconia.

Video Translation:

Processing an English Cedar in the veneer factory Kohl in Karlstadt

Rolling out the red carpet for a Lebanese Cedar log from the Windsor Great Park near London. It will be cut into veneer at the Fritz Kohl Veneer Mill in Karlstadt Germany. The individual sheets of veneer are only 0.55 millimeters thick. The tree, which costs 23,000 dollars, will yield roughly 100,000 square feet of veneer. That is the size of two football fields. Before being cut, the wood will be steamed so that it will be smooth and sleek. About 20,000 square feet of the Cedar veneer will go back to London, in order to panel the main offices of the royal estates.


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November 29th, 2016
Brooke Roberson

For the love of trees! The economic and environmental value of every street growing tree in NYC.

This is such an educational look at tree species and a beautiful example of data visualization! New York City has long been leading the way in these types of data sharing and analysis projects. So, so cool.

Check this out and be proud of the trees in your city too!


screenshot taken from:


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