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What makes an exclusive? – Ziricote  


Here’s an oldie!  

This interview was conducted by local group eCountry Lifestyle who stopped by the sample room to interview our VP Rick Banas in the early 2000s. This was before we updated our sample drawers. Amazing to see how our space has changed over the years. Enjoy!


Wood Species Slideshow 


How is wood veneer processed?

I hope this gives the design and AEC industry a good look into the process of slicing veneer on a rotary machine. This whole process takes days to prepare the log and then several hours to slice completely through it… then countless more hours to dry, sequence, clip, measure, index, and promote. But it is an exciting process and so rewarding to see that finished product! Thank you for watching!

The beauty of nature is beyond what we can imagine…


In the Forest. With the log buyer.

Which trees can be harvested and which need to grow? Which logs are of high enough quality to become veneers and which are better used for lumber?

Fritz Kohl spends years training log buyers to go to sustainably managed forests and exercise painstaking attention to detail in order to make the best use of these precious natural resources.


What makes a “one of a kind”?

Sometimes it’s just about timing.

Highly figured spalted Maple can only be obtained if the tree is sliced at exactly the right time. In this video, Interwood VP Rick Banas explains what “spalt” is and how it occurs in the tree.