Interwood Forest Products – Shelbyville Kentucky

Specifying Veneer

We are here for you from concept to completion.

Step 1. Services to Assist You

Interwood has experts to assist you in finding the right specie match for your vision. We have online tools as well as staff available, who are willing to schedule meetings with you and your firm, in order to find the right specie for your project. Please visit our website,, contact us via phone 502-633-0017, or email for assistance. Also, a Veneer App as well as a Veneer Book is available for a minimal fee.

Step 2. Selecting Type Samples
Once you’ve decided on a specie, cut, and figure option it’s time to put in a Sample Request Form. We offer you free of charge Type Samples with various grain patterns, colors, and figure types. By scanning the QR codes on the label on each type sample, you are directed to our website where you can learn more about that exact specie and view our entire available inventory. The numbers written on each Type Sample label classify the specie, grain, and figure type.

Step 3. Selecting Live Samples
live samples
Once you have identified one or more species of interest for your project, it’s time to contact us directly and request “Live Samples” from our current supply. Questions pertaining to the length of the veneer and square footage needed will have to be answered at this time in order to provide you with the proper log samples which meet your specifications.

Step 4. Schedule a Showing and Specifications
After you have narrowed down your search from the “Live Samples”, we strongly recommend that you schedule a showing at our facility where we will present the logs, bundle by bundle, for your inspection to assure that your vision is met and your requirements are covered.

Step 5. Pre-purchase / Intent to Specify Policy
Each tree is unique, like a fingerprint or a snowflake, and availability changes daily. In order to assure that you get exactly what you desire, we strongly encourage you to pre-purchase your specified logs. Understanding that a pre-purchase is not always an option, we offer “An Intent to Specify Policy” in which we will hold your selection for an agreed amount of time. Should that time lapse, we will return the log back to our available inventory. As a last result, we would always be willing to do our utmost in finding you an equally suitable match for your project.

We are captivated with the endless possibilities which veneer has to offer for architecture. We hope that we have the opportunity to provide you with some of our sustainable gems of the forest.

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